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natural images by Kristina N.

About me


Hi there, I’m Kristina.  I’m blessed to do things that I love.

I’ve been a photographer for 12 years, an informal environmental educator for about 3, and an animal lover all my life. I’m a nearly life-long Floridian currently based in Central Florida. I grew up in South Florida near the Everglades and North Florida near the Georgia border.

I’ve experienced a lot of good and a few heavy bad experiences, and I expect to keep on learning.  I’ve had a lifelong feud with shyness and anxiety and I’ve spent a lot of precious time trying to blot them out and change who I am, but I’ve found it more satisfying now to work with myself.  I try now to experience all my feelings, like opening my arms and facing into a strong cold breeze. I’ve hid my images from the world for most of the time I’ve been taking them.  Exposing my art is part of breaking out.

The tornado inside my head normally leads me to pick out bold colors and strong lines that concentrate in my images.  Although I like to think I’m pretty much a hoot in daily life, there’s a dark somber and even austere quality that manages to come through in my images despite myself.

On the practical side, I do my darkroom work on the digital negative, spending as long as it takes to balance the image to show what I wish to convey.  Sometimes this requires breaks my work has been purchased and featured frequently including advertising a local conservation resource and outdoor sports events.  I’m noted for picking up on candid moments that radiate the feeling of an event.

As a nature photographer I can take credit for the appreciation of the subject rather than its creation.  It’s my pleasure to share my adoration and perspective of the beauty with others.

You can reach me by emailing stillmovingphotography @


“I am not a painter, nor an artist. Therefore I can see straight, and that may be my undoing.”

Alfred Stieglitz